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Ode to Self-Love

Herbal support for self-care

At this time each year, we are bombarded with heightened messages of romantic pressure and expectations. Our hope with this note is to lighten that load and reframe the message. Love comes in many forms and enters our lives in countless ways, each as meaningful, beautiful, and fulfilling as the next. Here at Rupam's Herbals, we find the notion of a day devoted to love delightful, but only if each of us feels supported and free to focus on Love in whichever form it uniquely manifests for each of us. Foundationally, the deepest and most vital, life-affirming love is the nurturing and care we offer ourselves. The truest treasure is you, and in the caretaking of yourself, you fill your own well so that it can then overflow and nourish others-- plants, animals, communities, lovers, friends, family and countless other relationships in your life. Please allow us to support you as you honor yourself by taking advantage of a sale on a few of our most sumptuous products.

Ambrosia Tincture

Our Ambrosia (for Her, Him, or Them) is our tincture formula designed to call in the experience of sensuality in the myriad ways it flows through us. Wild Oats and Damiana soothe and rejuvenate the nervous system while heightening the sense of communion with yourself, others and the environment around you. These plants aid us to open energetically and emotionally, whether we wish to do so on our own, with a partner, or in any creative endeavor.

Healthy Breast Oil

Lady Nada's Breast Oil (with its divine scent that some of us use as perfume!) soothes and protects our body's skin. While typically used to tone breast tissue, dissolve fibrocystic lumps and improve stagnation and lymph flow, it is also safe as a massage oil on any part of the body and can be included as a lubricant during intimacy as long as any fertility methods won't be compromised by contact with its apricot oil base.

Organic Tulsi Tea with Rose Petals

To achieve inner nourishing, there is nothing more cozy and loving than sipping a warm cup of tea. Our Traditionally Yours blend will saturate your tissues with mineral-rich, nutritive herbs, Divinely Tulsi will uplift your heart with its floral taste and gorgeous rose petals and Muttchen's Delight will support your body's natural detoxification and immune building processes. On this Valentine's Day, may pleasure, joy, and love be with you!


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