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Rupam's Herbals, herbal medicine, dental solutions


A couple of years into my dental career in the late 1980's, left me heartbroken, as I witnessed so many patients helplessly attempt to understand why their dental problems persisted despite good oral home care.

I grappled painfully with the realization that the traditional trainings and educational system for dental professionals leaves gaping holes in terms of educating patients about effective preventative care and paying attention to the (often terrified) whole person in the chair in front of us.


Feeling at a loss myself as to how I could better support my dental patients, I decided to go back to school after working long daytime hours in the dental office.

For ten years, the majority of my weekends and free nights were spent in a variety of classrooms. Throughout my decade of exploring the complementary health field, I gained certifications in holistic health counseling, color therapy, as a flower essence and essential oil practitioner and clinical herbalist before finally focusing on my family's ancestral lineage of herbal medicine making.

Online Consultations for Holistic Dental Care, Herbal Tinctures, Health and Wellbeing with Rupam Henry

Holistic Dental and Health Consulting

Trying to integrate this holistic knowledge into the world of conventional dentistry was an uphill battle and most often not well received. The field of holistic dentistry did not exist yet..


Unable to ignore my newfound perspective on the interconnections between dental health and whole body/mind/spirit health, in 2005 I took the plunge and left the dental field to open my own holistic health and dental solutions business.


Since that time, I've supported the wellbeing of thousands through my herbal products, line of dental care products and personal consultations.

I would be honored to support you on your journey of self-healing.

Together we will find solutions to imbalances instead of just working with the symptoms as they present.​

My "entry point" into a person's health often comes via the mouth (teeth, gums etc) and my special interest is the connection between teeth and overall health and the influence of dental materials and procedures on our well being. Often there is a digestive disorder, viral overload issues and even emotional or mental factors can play a role. 

One time a client, after our consultation together, described me as a "bad ass Dental Ninja"

The description stuck! I DO feel fiercely protective of all people in the dental chair, with all its vulnerability, overwhelm and financial stress! 


Let's regain your sense of security, tap into your own wisdom and the clarity  to know what your next right step is. 

Allow me to walk beside you and navigate the maze together.

Please call me for a free, safe and confidential 15 minute check-in to determine if working together is a good fit. (415) 497-5141

Tools often include herbal remedies, lifestyle adjustments, dental home care protocols, education (for instance the work of Anthony William,,  meditation and processes facilitating "inner work".

An overview of my experience:

• Registered Dental Assistant (and Hygenist for kids up to 18yrs), 20 years 

• Holistic Health Counselor, 30yrs

• Clinical Herbalist, 25yrs

• Founder of Rupams Herbals LLC , 18yrs

• Ordained Minister  (The Center for Spiritual Healing of Marin County), 8yrs

Love Always, Rupam


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