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As a dental professional with 20 years experience, holistic health councelor, clinical herbalist and ordained minister through The Center for Spiritual Healing of Marin County,  my passion is sitting with a friend(s) in  sacred space, investigating anything that touches the heart, spirit or body.

In my years of study, I have discovered that the mouth is a gateway to overall health. Over the last 25 years I have seen that dental problems usually have their root cause in health imbalances.  Often there is a digestive disorder, viral overload issues and even emotional or mental factors can play a role. 


I am honored to support you on your journey of self-healing. Together, we will find the root cause and solution to imbalances instead of just working with the symptoms as they present.

Tools include herbal remedies, life style adjustments, dental home care protocols, education (for instance the work of Anthony William,,  meditation and processes facilitating "inner work".

My "entry point" into a person's health often comes via the mouth (teeth, gums etc) and my special interest is the connection between teeth and overall health and the influence of dental materials and procedures on our well being.

A client, after our consultation together, described me as a "bad ass Dental Ninja"

The description stuck! I DO feel fiercely protective of all people in the dental chair, with all its vulnerability, overwhelm and financial stress! 


Let's regain your sense of security, tap into your own wisdom and the clarity  to know what your next right step is. 

Allow me to walk beside you and navigate the maze together.

Love Always, Rupam