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Ambrosia for Her and Him

Ambrosia for Her and Him


Both wild oat and damiana are excellent nervines, supporting and nourishing the nervous system. As our nervous system is nourished, it relaxes and the blood flow reaches all the way to the nerve endings. This makes us more sensitive and responsive to ourselves and our partners. Energetically speaking, both wild oat and damiana, are supporting us to open up emotionally, sexually and psychically. They help us to come into synchronicity with each other. Sacred Sexuality is an excellent tonic for someone who wants to bring healing to the sexual arena. In fact, many traumas can be healed through approaching sexual union consciously and meditatively.

Please consider that the sexual and creatives energies are one and the same. Therefore, this tincture can be used not only for enhancing the sexual and sensual energies, but the creative as well. Experiment with taking this before dancing, yoga, performing, creating art forms, gardening or participating in group work, etc.

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    Ingredients: Organic tincture of fresh milky oat and damiana, flower essences, gem elixirs, planetary essences, and biodynamic grape alcohol (40%). Directions: Take 7 drops three to five times a day, and 1-2 droppers full in a little water before lovemaking.


    Please contact us for a custom They/Them formulation of our Ambrosia tincture.


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