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Traditionally Yours Tea

Traditionally Yours Tea


Traditionally Yours, mineral and vitamin rich tea moves toxins out of the body, is alkalizing and energizing, nourishing to the kidneys and bladder, strengthening to hair skin, nails and teeth.

Since the body recognizes tea as food, it makes assimilation and absorption of its minerals and vitamins easy.

This tea is great in combination with Swedish Bitters. Bitters helps the liver move toxins into the blood stream and the tea will alkalize enough for the kidneys and bladder to remove the acidic waste.

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    Ingredients: Nettles, Oat Straw, Red Clover, Horsetail, Spearmint, Rose Petals Directions: Place ¼ cup into pot/jar, bring a quart of water to boil, pour over herbs, close tightly and let steep overnight. Strain the next morning, reheat, store in fridge what is not used immediately (2 days). Also nice as an ice-tea with lemon & stevia.


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