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Rupam's Family and Heritage

I've always wanted to include a space where I acknowledge and honor the people who have helped and supported me in living my purpose. It is nearly impossible to express in words my gratitude and how blessed I feel… and here I go.

I'd like to honor and acknowledge:

My Father, Dr. Juergen Bindler 

Retired Pharmacist living in Germany

I thank my father for supporting me in planting my feet firmly on the ground. He is my model, having instilled in me a sound and practical business sense. It's taken me until now to begin to realize all that he gives to me.

Herbalist, Catherine Abby Rich

Whose special presence in my life is that of a soul sister. Catherine and I met for the first time in 1978 at our spiritual community in India, and our lives have since intertwined in many ways, at many crossroads, across three different continents. One pivotal turning point in my life was being with Catherine on her "herb walks" and witnessing her love for her craft. This rekindled my own passion for herbs and medicine making; reconnecting me to my family heritage.

Karyn Sanders

Clinical Herbalist, Host of KPFA's "Herbal Highway" radio show and co-founder of Blue Otter School of Herbal Medicine.
Karyn has been my teacher, friend and guiding light in the plant spirit world. I revere and honor her as my "Elder" on this journey.

My Mother, Keala Christel Gerhard

A former pharmacist in Germany, now a Reconnective Healing Practitioner, Intuitive Life Coach, and Teacher for Hawaiian Spirituality.

My mom has continued to be my friend, colleague and co-traveler on the spiritual journey. She holds the space from which my life, my purpose and the business have emerged. She is my "guinea pig extraordinaire!"

Keala lives in Sonoma County, CA: (808) 878-8560 and she can also be reached through Rupam's Herbals.

My Grandfather, Herman Gerhard

Pharmacist, Clinical Herbalist, and Master Gardener

Somehow I think this picture speaks for itself! I found in my grandfather's gentle spirit and love for nature a beloved kindred soul.

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