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One Drop Only Dental Soap and Tooth Elixir


Best Tooth Cleaner for my Teeth

posted by Jo Pellegrini

I love that the tooth soap not only cleans my teeth better than anything I've ever used, but it has helped improve my gums and sensitivities I've had for years. The hygenist and dentist are always amazed on how well I've been doing since using this product. My favorite is anise. I highly recommend using one-drop tooth soap.



posted by Eeeps

I absolutely love this dental soap! I've been using it for a few months now and the difference is pretty incredible. I feel so much more confident about my teeth, that I've noticed I smile a bit more now! I've been using the winter green, which I really like, but I just tried the cinnamon clove and its sooooo yummy!! Love love love!


Love this product!!

This product, One Drop Only dental soap, has changed my life. It is rare for me to write a review, but I'm so sold on this product, that I can't resist sharing. For years I had a problem in my mouth where I got blood blisters on my cheeks or tongue. They could get as big as a pea before they popped. Then I would have a sore which took a week to heal during which time it hurt to eat and/or talk. No doctor or dentist could give me any suggestions about what was wrong or what to do about it. I started using the dental soap at my dentist's recommendation--just for general dental health--not to solve my particular problem. Since I started using it, I rarely get blood blisters and, if I do, they are tiny and give me no problems. My teeth also used to be sensitive to sour foods, like pineapple and sauerkraut, which I love. Now I can eat them without any pain. What a change!! I will never use another kind of toothpaste again. Thank you, Rupam!!!!


No more problematic gums / dental visits!

I used to have the worst dental visits and gum problems / recession. I would even go for dental cleanings 3 times a year and still have so much scraping, gum bleeding, and pain. I decided to give Rupam's dental soap a try and threw out all of my old toothpastes and stopped using Flouride and started drinking bottled water too. My next dental visit they said "your gums look great" and there was only a little scraping around these two crooked teeth I have which they said that's common since they are crooked and hard to clean. I thought maybe it's just a fluke so continued my regimen. They even said I could graduate from visiting 3 times a year to the normal 2 times a year and I even had to postpone my recent cleaning so there was actually 7 months since my last visit. It went even better than last time! And my two crooked teeth which were always sensitive are no longer sensitive anymore! They were even curious and were asking me what products I'm using and wrote down the names and I had an even better dental visit with no scraping at all! They just glided over my teeth superficially to check but I was in and out. So I am totally sold and glad I used myself as a guinea pig and am amazed at the results. I do not use anything else now,why should I? I also found this Vegan sponge floss that I love from Amazon by Radius with natural xylitol. I am so happy about my teeth now while doing something so simple and healthy. Thank you Rupam!


Fine product!

posted by Barncat

Gentle and very effective.


What a fabulous product!

Posted by Denise Gallagher

For the first time my teeth actually feel clean, healthy and safe. The quality of this product has me hooked for life! One little drop really is more than enough to clean and continue to freshen my mouth.
Thank YOU Rupam!


No canker sores!

Posted by J. Carey-Altadena

I have been using the dental soap for 2 years. Before using this amazing medicinal concoction, I experienced the painful yearly occurrence of canker sores. This product has stopped my canker sores from returning! I am so very grateful to Rupam for sharing her ancient wisdom with the world!



Posted by Barbara

I love this product. My teeth feel really clean and I know I am improving my teeth and gums every time I use it. Can't wait for my next visit to the dentist! I am sure she will be pleased.


It is a true dental elixir!

Posted by Yuliya

I love this dental soap! I believe it's so much more gentle on my teeth as opposed to commercial toothpaste. I would recommend it to anyone (especially those with teeth sensitivity); it re-mineralized my enamel, so I can see how it is literally growing (when compared to dental filling, the surface of my own tooth is slightly higher now than filing). People say that enamel doesn't grow, but I see the opposite! Believe it or not! Thanks to Rupam for this soap! I believe that if I used it since my childhood, I wouldn't have any cavities at all.


Love it

Posted by Lael

Keeps my teeth and mouth healthy and clean!


I look forward to brushing

I can't recommend this product enough! I heard about it from my new, holistic dentist. My favorite is the clove/cinnamon. Thanks so much for such a great product. Worth the price.


One Drop Only is Great

I'm very happy using this, and pleased that I can purchase it at Three Stone Hearth here in Berkeley, CA. I'd like it if the cinnamon flavor was also stocked there. I've been telling friends about this, and my dental hygienist as well.


Magic for my gums!

Posted by Tracey S.

I first used the One Drop Only for a week while staying at my sister's home and I loved how it made my teeth feel; clean, smooth and no sensitivity. I have severe recession on my gums and this product soothes my gums and I do not feel any irritation at the gum line. I use a Rotodent electric brush and this product works perfectly with it (not recommended to use a paste with this type of brush) it rinses easily off my brush. I loved the One Drops so much my sister let me take it home!


I love the taste as well as what it does for my gums

I have gingivitis but my dentist says my gums are looking really healthy since I started using dental soap 7 months ago. No new pockets since then. YIPPEE!


One drop

I like the way my teeth feel clean without leaving a film on them


Love the Sweet Anise/Clove

I've tried several flavors and like them all, but Sweet Anise is my new favorite. Thank you for such a great product. Even my kids like it!


Best Dental Product

Since having discovered One Drop 3 years ago I do not want use commercial tooth any more. And when I have to, I realize that I feel so much better using One Drop compare to supermarket products.


Exceptional Cleansing

Posted by Judith Hedman

My husband & I are delighted with One Drop that takes the place of our regular toothpaste. We feel a positive difference each time we brush with One Drop. It feels pure & healthy & it is!


Happy with One Drop

Posted by Judith Hedman

I am delighted with this very different teeth cleanser! My mouth feels refreshed after brushing with this wonderful product & I look forward to a good report from my dentist!


One Drop for life!

Posted by Courtney

Thank you Rupam! I am in love with this tooth elixir! It seriously makes me want to sing every time I brush. What a difference from the all the other toothpastes out there! My mouth feels so much better. This is worth every penny! <3


You'll never use toothpaste again!

Posted by Paul R., Pharmacist, Nutritionist

Been using this for years. Love the way my whole mouth feels clean after I'm done. It does take a little getting used to at first. I've only tried the Anise flavor, as I like it so much I won't try anything else. I'm 55 y.o. I'm sure kids would like the mint or something.


One stop for One Drop!!! the best tooth care ever!!!! LOVE IT!!!!

Posted by Dorothy Bauer

i have used every flavor & haven't used ANY product that improved the health of my gums & teeth more! EVERYTHING that Rupam sells is over the top EXCELLENT!!!! LOVE the new packaging!
Thank you so much for such amazing products! Wherever i go i recommend that the health minded stores carry this line!


Wonderful product for clean teeth, healthy mouth

Posted by Marianne

I've been using this product since early December 2012, just ordered a new bottle. One drop of this amazing "tooth soap" leaves my teeth clean and my gums healthy. With no toxic or unnecessary ingredients, it's just what I've been looking for in my quest for dental well being. Highly recommend it.


I love it!

Posted by Judy

I have nothing but wonderful things to say about this product. It is pleasant tasting, and my teeth feel different - "cleaner" - after using it. I love the ingredients, all gentle and natural. I tend to have issues with sensitivity, and these are much improved in the short time I have been using the product. I do have to admit however that I do use two drops....


A+ for One Drop Only!

Posted by Annie K.

I like the way my teeth feel after using One Drop Only. I'm an elder and have compromised teeth and gums. Haven't had a problematic visit to the dentist since I started using this product(about 3 years ago). Thanks Rupam!


Love it

Posted by lael

This tooth soap lasts for about six months, making it very economical. It also makes my teeth and mouth feel very nice and clean.


Wonderful and effective. I love these dental tooth drops.

Posted by Maureen Marinkovich

I just want to tell people that I have tried lots of alternatives to standard american toothpaste, but once I tried these tooth drops I finally found an excellent product. It is true you only need one drop so the little bottle lasts quite a long while so don't worry about the price. This product thoroughly cleans your teeth without being too soapy (believe me, I've tried soapy products that are just too much). Plus, it does not cause tooth sensitivity like commercialized toothpastes can and do. It is the kind of soap that leaves your whole mouth, teeth, gums and tongue feeling so clean. But then the drops are flavored to perfection so that you have a nice refreshing feeling using the flavor that most appeals to you, or get a couple of different flavors for different times of the day. When I go to the dentist to have my teeth cleaned, the dentist and assistant always comment on my healthy gums. I don't tell my dentist I use tooth drops without fluoride because dentists seem so disappointed if you tell them that, but he is always more than satisfied with the health of my mouth. I absolutely love these tooth drops and I hope, if you were on the fence, that my recommendation causes you to put the tooth drops in your cart.


Dental Rinse


A great supplement to an already awesome product

Posted by DR on 7th Apr 2015

I've been using the dental soap for a year now diligently without using any fluoride whatsoever and had amazing results. Now using this dental rinse for the last few months I feel my gums have improved even more. Not sure if it took a year for the dental soap to help rebuild my gums or if the dental rinse played a factor in it but my sensitive gum roots for the first time are no longer sensitive and that is incredible. I have only been using it a few times a week so far but love the flavor and it's so easy to use. Rupam's dental soap and rinse transformed my teeth and gums, like night and day. I'm so thankful for her wonderful products!


Lady Nada


It's as good as it gets

Posted by Ines Kelly

I have been using this product for six or seven years. I started because I had breast issues found with thermal imaging and those concerns are now gone and have been for many years but I still use it on myself regularly. I also use it on my husband for some prostate irregularities and he has responded well, keeping things under control.


Wonderful, healing oil

Posted by Christine

I started using this oil on the advice of an alternative medicine provider and the results have been nothing short of amazing. I've always had fibrocystic breasts which were especially painful with mammograms. This was mostly due to a large lump that had been there for many years and it is now totally gone. I believe also that the spirit and conscientiousness with which these products are obviously made has much to do with their effectiveness as well. Many thanks, Rupam.


Effective and nourishing preparation

Posted by Christine

I love this oil and have been using it for almost a year now. My breasts have always been 'lumpy' or "fibrocystic" and they no longer are! The love and care that go into this oil are evident. I will continue to use it indefinitely and hope it remains available.


My constant purchase of the oil for 7 years is testimony alone!

Posted by Dominique

I feel the oil helps firm and lift skin, and as equally potent I very much like the heart emotional issues it addresses.



Posted by C.

This breast oil is just amazing. I have had fybrocycstic for years. I've been able to manage them through dietary changes and internal herbs. But this year I started taking the birth control pill because I'm not ready to have a baby. The pill made my boobs swell up and hella lumpy! This oil has been my salvation. I've been using it for just a short period of time and it has already brought me such relief. Oh, did I mention it smells DIVINE? Thanks Rupam for this amazing medicine!!!


Reduced breast tenderness

Since using the product, my pre-menstrual breast tenderness has diminished greatly. It smells great and I am so grateful for the product!


Finest breast oil

For years I had a pain and tenderness on the outside of my right breast. I started using Rupams breast oil and all trouble disappeared. I use several times a week and wouldn't be without.


It works!!

This product really helps reduce the pain of fibrocystic breasts.


Swedish Bitters

Great for liver fatigue

Posted by Anrahyah

I love these bitters. My body craves the nightly ritual of taking a teaspoonful in a cup of hot water. I began using this when I had a difficult problem with my liver. Now that my liver is healing, Rupam's Swedish Bitters will be a lifelong habit to keep it healthy!


Sacred Sexuality

Sacred Sexuality Works Great for Both of Us

Posted by Rob & Julie H

We've both been enjoying Sacred Sexuality for some time now, and love it, but often wondered if we were getting a placebo effect from it, or if it was the product itself that was giving us great benefits. Well, we ran out of it, and were in a local store and found a similar product and decided to try it out. We experienced NO benefits whatsoever with this other product. We can now happily say with great confidence that Sacred Sexuality really works, and will recommend it to anyone!


Calendula Salve

Healing for all skin conditions.

Excellent product by Rupam! Have been using it for years and would not go without. Healing on bruises and results in a matter of hours.


A Cure All

Posted by Ron Sprrow

Is Calendula salve a cure all? No. However, it comes close. I use it on bruises - it works fine. I use it for athelete's foot - does a great job. I clears up my grand daughter's dry skin.


Wish I knew

Posted by Ron Sparrow

Great product. I wish I knew about it when I was in high school and developed athlete's foot. I would like to e this product in a tube so that I can carry it in a first aid kit.


Calendula Salve is a basic go to in our household

Posted by Rella

I love Rupam's Calendula Salve. I have used it successfully on myself, husband and three kids on eczema, broken skin in the tender under arm area, on chemically burned skin, on tender labia chafing, insect bites and minor cuts. And it works fast! Always dramatic improvement within 24 hours. Amazing product.


Sweet Dreams


Blissful sleep

Posted by Denise Gallagher

The best sleep I have ever had!! One half dropper in a shot glass of water. . . 15 minutes later I am sleeping with the angels. I have the best dreams with this product and no morning drowsiness.
Thank YOU Rupam for creating this special product.


Sweet Dreams

Posted by Barbara

This really works. I love the gentle sleep it gives me. No more tossing and turning. Great product.

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