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Lady Nada Breast Oil  1 oz.

Lady Nada Breast Oil 1 oz.


Lady Nada's Breast Oil is formulated to nourish and protect a woman's breasts. We've selected four herbs, lady's mantle, fenugreek, bladderwrack and calendula to be the heart of this product. Lady's mantle and fenugreek have been traditionally used by women to tone breast tissue and dissolve fibrocystic lumps. Apricot kernel oil, calendula flower, bladderwrack and the flower essences of apricot, nectarine and forget-me-not are reported to assist the body in maintaining an anti-cancerous environment.


Vibrational essences, nourishing and protective to the emotional heart, support women in keeping a healthy and joyful relationship with this sensitive and beautiful area of their body.


All organic ingredients: Apricot kernel oil, fenugreek, lady's mantle, bladderwrack, calendula, essential oils, flower essences, gem elixirs and planetary essence.


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