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Divinely Tulsi Tea

Divinely Tulsi Tea


This herb is one of the most revered herbs in India and is often grown at the entrance of the home to ensure good health.


Organic Ingredients: Tulsi and Rose Petals

Known as an adaptogen, or anti-stress agent
May reduce blood cholesterol
Assists in treating insomnia
Strengthens the kidneys
Aids in constipation
Improves metabolism
Strengthens the stomach
Eases symptoms of colds, flu, coughs and sore throats
Treats vomiting and nausea
Clears phlegm from chest and nose
Promotes calmness and clarity
Reduces stress
Tonic for nerves and treats irritability
Assists in sharpening memory and concentration

  • Details

    Directions: Place a ¼ cup into a quart mason jar or cooking pot with tight fitting lid, bring one quart of water to just before boil, cover the herbs, close tightly and let steep over night. The next morning, strain the herbs out and reheat the desired amount, about one cup, and place the rest into the fridge…will be ok for 2 days.


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