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Herbal Tea As Medicine

Organic Herbal Tea Medicines

With the California weather at last starting to cool, we are excitedly entering the season of cozy tea sipping. Is there really anything more divine than cuddling up in a sweet nook with a mug warming your hands and soul? As herbalists, teas are our favorite way to get our lovely plant supporters into our systems. Drinking tea is an ancient human ritual. In the rush of our modern lives, we have lost the practice of steeping plants in hot water as a means of both relaxation and healthcare, but we aim to bring back the self-care practice of daily tea drinking! While tinctures and other herbal preparations can certainly play an important role in maintaining health, teas afford us the opportunity for a deeper relationship with the flora that assist us so beautifully. Infusing a pot of loose tea allows us to interact with our plant allies through all of our senses. In the act of brewing, we first see and feel the herbs and flowers as we add them to the water before we then smell and taste the medicine that is released. A cuppa!! It's eons old because it works so beautifully on so many levels. There is magic in the meeting of plants and water!

What's New in the Apothecary?

We have exciting news! There is good reason why teas are front and center in our daily routines here at the shop: we decided it was time to pamper our tea line up! Seduce your family into a healthy habit with our traditional recipes dressed up stunningly to tickle the senses. The holiday season begins in a few weeks and we want to entice you and your loved ones to balance out the Halloween candy and heavy holiday meals with tea that not only looks and tastes gorgeous but eases digestive upset, deeply detoxifies, and provides much needed vitamins and minerals. Our teas are dressed up in new costumes to reside alluring on your countertops or provide gifts galore for the upcoming season. The next time you order one of our drinking blends, you'll see new options. We now offer each of our tea formulas in a reusable kraft canister displaying our gorgeous new labels...stunning even...if we do say so ourselves!! And inside of the canister you'll find our teas in compostable bags. A simple, healthy add-on to your self-care routine that's easier on the Earth and easier on the eyes.

This Month's Most Asked Questions:

How should I store my tea and how long will it last? Dried herbs such as the ones in our teas should be kept in a cool, dark, and dry spot. No need to refrigerate but do keep out of direct sunlight. Dried leaves and flowers start to rapidly lose their medicinal qualities after 12 months. Dried roots such as those found in our Earthly Roots Tea have a longer shelf life and will last a few years if stored correctly. What's the best way to make tea? Well, the answer here is not to pop a tea bag in warm water for a few minutes and then fill your cup to the brim with cream and sugar! A truly medicinal cup, called an infusion, is ideally steeped 6-8 hours for a full release of all of the plant's wonderful goodies. Take a palmful (around 1/4 cup) of your herbs and place into an empty quart sized mason jar. Separately bring 4 cups of good water to a near boil and pour over your herbs. Close the lid tightly right away to keep the volatile oils in and let the jar sit on your countertop overnight. In the morning, strain a cup or two and sip. Feel free to reheat, being careful not to boil. The remaining tea is best kept in the fridge for up to 2 days, straining and reheating as needed. Click on the video above to watch Blake speak more on the importance of herbal teas and to see how easy it is to brew a jar! How do I know which of your teas will best support me? Each of our mixes is formulated through an herbalist's lens to assist our body systems with a slightly different focus. Our Traditionally Yours Tea provides deep, plant-based vitamin and mineral nourishment. The Earthly Roots Tea is our gentle yet powerful liver supporting blend that promotes skin, blood and bowel health. Muttchen's Delight Tea is packed with detoxifying powerhouse herbs that particularly protect against any fluoride in your system's toxin load. Our last is Divinely Tulsi Tea, and divine it is! The taste and smell of Tulsi is true heaven. We combine all three strains of Holy Basil and mix them with the most outrageous rose petals. The result is a floral brew that lessens stress and increases energy while easing symptoms of seasonal colds and flus.

What product questions or health and herbal topics are on your mind? We would love to hear what interests you and receive any feedback on videos that you would find helpful.

So raise your mug to supporting your mind and body's health through the delicious power of our herbal allies! The Rupam's Herbals Team


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