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Proper rest and deep sleep help to strengthen one's immune system, but we have heard from many that restorative sleep at night is difficult to achieve these days! Increased stress loads frequently lead to daytime fatigue and low moods only to swing towards insomnia at night.

Herbs can help with this! Meet the allies in our new all organic Dreamtime Kit that will calm your nervous and digestive systems. Sipping our Divinely Tulsi Tea (all three strains of Holy Basil plus Rose petals) during the day will reduce stress and promote calmness and clarity through Tulsi's adaptogenic qualities. Soothe your digestive system by bringing our Swedish Bitters or our new yummy, local Phoenix Moon Bitters into your evening routine. They help to reduce digestive disturbances and aid in detoxification. Sleep soundly with the combination of Sweet Dreams Drambui and California Poppy. They work synergistically to nourish and restore your nervous system while reducing anxiety.

Sleep Hygiene Tips:

  • Avoid looking at screens for an hour before bedtime

  • Avoid watching or reading the news before going to sleep

  • Try light stretching and meditation

  • Engage in restful activities such as a nighttime stroll, a warm bath, or a cozy cup of herbal tea

Be well, take care and sweet dreams, The Team at Rupam's Herbals


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