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Swedish Bitters

Swedish Bitters


Beloved friends, We have experienced a steep price increase in the core ingredients for Swedish Bitters, especially the four herbs coming from Germany. This is due to supply chain issues and the fact that wholesalers are no longer exporting to the USA. Our intention is to continue to provide you with our amazing Swedish Bitters, but please be aware that we have been forced to raise our prices to compensate.


Swedish Bitters can play a vital role in our modern lifestyle. In cultures that were closely connected to nature, the bitter taste was very prevalent in the daily diet. It has almost disappeared from the average “civilized” diet leaving people open to a host of imbalances. It is the bitter element which activates, tones and strengthens the liver, gall bladder and all digestive organs making it possible for our metabolism to reestablish its equilibrium.

The characteristic feature of the Swedish Bitters lies in its masterful combining of ingredients. The principle of synergy applies here; the whole is greater than the sum of its individual parts, which means the elixir has a far greater effect than does the taking of each substance separately.

The Bitters formula is known to have been used throughout the Middle Ages. More recently in the 18 century, Dr. Samst labeled the formula Swedish Bitters, and Maria Treben, the acclaimed European herbalist, re-popularized its use during the 20th century.

Experience has shown that the Swedish Bitters elixir has a remarkably wide range of applications. Digestive complaints, general detoxifying, insomnia, allergies, cold and flu symptoms are some of the most common uses.