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Sweet Dreams Drambui

Sweet Dreams Drambui

A unique formula that promotes deep rest without the undesirable side effects often associated with many sedatives (i.e. grogginess, lethargy, drugged hangover). Sweet Dreams Drambui facilitates reaching the state of deep sleep; allowing for revitalization and strengthening on physical, mental and emotional levels. The subtle energetic qualities of this formula support the intuitive right brain, introspection and the receptive energy that allows us to perceive visions and intuitions. It also enhances lucid dreaming.
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    Organic Ingredients: Lemon Balm; Soothes nerves and nervous sleeplessness. Loosens and dissolves tight- ness and cramp-like pains in the stomach related to stress and anxiety. It combines well with other soothing herbs. Valerian: A stronger sedative than lemon balm, enabling one to relax both physically and mentally without a “drugging” effect. Ideal when experiencing the feelings of being overworked, overexcited, tensed and stressed. Hops: A general tonic, nervine and pain reducing herb, also well known for its use in brewing beer. Hops is helpful in relieving sleeplessness and a case of “the nerves.” Passionflower: These flowers are an excellent sedative and proven soother of nervous tension headaches, nervous disorders, insomnia and asthma caused by stress. Chamomile: Well known as a remedy for insomnia, depression, stomach complaints and nervous disorders. It is an “all-heal” for most children’s ailments. Deeply calming and quieting, chamomile alleviates upset nerves, aggravation and exhaustion. Directions: Start with 6 droppers full in a small amount of warm water or soothing herbal tea at bedtime. *Please experiment with the amounts used; if 6 droppers full works for you, then the next time try 5 droppers full, and then 4, etc. to find your own personal dose as everyone's needs will be different. If anxiety is the main reason of sleeplessness, you might want to add California Poppy tincture.


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