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Ambrosia Gift!

Hello Everyone!

Blake here popping in to tell you about a fun new idea that Rupam and I had this past weekend! We spent a few days together on her gorgeous homestead for some much-needed playtime... making food, taking sunset walks, outdoor lounging, reading in the garden, and live music! But when you love your job and working together, it's never long before "shop talk" weaves its way back into the conversation. As we were reminded this weekend, sitting around a kitchen table sipping tea and chatting opens the space for brainstorming and sharing dreams. So, on top of outlining a curriculum for upcoming workshops and planning the release of upcoming new products, we also had an idea that got us very excited: we want to give away some of our products every month!

Ambrosia Tincture with Wild Oat and Damiana

Rupam and I were discussing which of our formulas we enjoy most and as one thing led to another, we found ourselves laying out a plan to raffle off products each month that we would like to highlight! Many of you already know and love our dental line, but we have so much magic stocked on the rest of our shelves!

My personal favorite product is our Ambrosia. (Though if pressed I'd probably find myself saying that about every item we make... just like every herb I happen to be talking about in the moment is suddenly my absolute favorite!) The base of Ambrosia is a two tincture combo of Milky Oat tops and Damiana. To that, we add an array of flower essences for spirit medicine, which differ a bit depending on which type of Ambrosia you order. You'll see that we make an Ambrosia for Her and an Ambrosia for Him-- but we also can formulate a special bottle for Them if that's what you're looking for! So why did Ambrosia come to my mind as a product I want to spotlight? Because it's protective and supportive for just about every body, just about all the time. Milky Oats offer strong yet gentle protection and repair for our nervous systems. A member of the oatmeal family, the tops of the Avena sativa plant are filled with a milky medicine that targets and mends the nerve endings in our central nervous system. The herbalist term for this is "trophorestorative" meaning that the plant medicine is able to go into an organ or body system to repair and protect on a core level for long term rebalance, not just to soothe a symptom only while someone is taking the herb. And when it comes to warding off stress and calming our nervous systems, don't we all need that? Milky Oat tops (the stalk of the plant is great too--very nutritive and that's why it can be found in our Traditionally Yours tea blend) are fantastic at helping anyone dealing with chronic stress or adrenal fatigue and are gentle enough for children and long term use, all while doing their work on a very deep level. Damiana, the other core herb in our Ambrosia formula, is known in the herbal world as one of the essential aphrodisiacs. But when I say this, don't envision Cupid's arrows or love potions. Damiana is an aphrodisiac in the sense that it heightens connection and sensitivity. And while, yes, that can be wonderful in the bedroom, truly it works in a broader sense. Damiana helps you engage and become more present with the world around you. That is why we have many artists and performers love this formula and use it before embarking on a new project or before going on stage. Pair that with the stress relief of Milky Oat tops and you can understand why it's a powerhouse of a plant combination-- soothing and calming our minds while engaging us deeper with our surroundings. We top off this formula with a variety of flower essences. If you aren't familiar with what those are, think along the lines of homeopathy. Essences capture the subtle, meditative energy of a plant without containing any actual herbal constituents. In the Ambrosia formula we add in Holly to aid in compassion and the expression of gratitude; Self-Heal to remind our bodies that they have the wisdom and capacity to strive towards healing and balance; Pomegranate to aid in finding a joyful and focused balance between work and home life; and many more.

Ambrosia is simply a gorgeous, well-rounded formula that helps with stress, connectivity, and the pursuit of joy on both physical and spiritual levels.

For more on Ambrosia, check out this blog post from Rupam, "The Creation Story of Ambrosia," sharing why Ambrosia is special for her... because we each have a different take on our products and the herbs that we have chosen to include in our formulas.

Blessings, Blake


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