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The Creation Story of Ambrosia

Blake did such an awesome job discussing the herbs that comprise Ambrosia in our last blog post that I think I will use this opportunity to describe how it came into creation more than 20 years ago! As some of you may remember, at that point we called it Sacred Sexuality, but as time passed, we realized that name had many people shy away from trying it or talking with us about it. So, it's been re-titled Ambrosia for Her and Ambrosia for Him and we are thrilled that this gorgeous medicine is now getting its due.

Ambrosia herbal tincture: wild oat and damiana

At the time of Ambrosia's creation, I was in the middle of a deeply personal sexual transformation (beautifully guided by Tantric master and pioneer Nityama) and we experimented with many herbal aphrodisiacs together including flower essences and gem elixirs; we appraised the support, vibration, and ambiance of various plant allies. Initially, the entire design for the formula was to heighten and sensitize the experience and journey of meditative, tantric love-making. The goal was to find herbal allies that could aid in increasing the masculine principle of offering oneself to another, fully present in mind, body, and spirit (Ambrosia for Him), while also encouraging the feminine principles of being receptive, patient and giving (Ambrosia for Her). Whether lovers are any combination on male and/or female spectrum, when taken by both partners the combined formulas increase the polarity between the masculine and feminine principles, enabling the sexual-creative energies to stream together in a beautiful circular flow that literally heals anything it touches. That, in my opinion, is the foundational intention of the ancient tantric teachings. Along the way, as people were using Ambrosia, it became clear (of course!) that sexual and creative energy is one and the same. Ambrosia calls to artists, writers, musicians and visionary souls from all walks of life. We have received countless reports detailing how people have felt more synchronized and tuned-in, whether with another person (while love making, dancing, etc...), an art project, or on stage. For example, my sweetheart, a professional bass player, vows that his secret weapon just before a performance is "Ambrosia for Him". The drummer in his band once whispered to him on stage "Hey, what's in your drink? I want some of that!" LOL :)) My sweetie swears that he is so much more harmonized with the rest of his band as a result of taking Ambrosia before their performances. My mom also sings the praises of Ambrosia. She was a very gifted Argentine tango dancer on Maui where she had the great fortune to dance with and learn from world renowned dancers from Buenos Aires. My mom often shared with me how much of a difference it made when she took Ambrosia for Her before dancing: "I was so much more receptive and centered"; her dance partners would comment about about her presence and attentiveness! Experiencing the formula is of course a completely individual process, but the theme of 'synchronicity and being tuned in' stands out in all the feedback we have received over the last 20 years. I hope you will give Ambrosia a try for yourself and if you feel drawn to reporting back to us with any feedback, we would love to hear any stories that you feel called to share with us!

Many blessings to all of you, Rupam


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