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What to Expect When You Start Using One Drop Only Dental Soap

1. A totally new tooth brushing experience! Our One Drop Only Dental Soap & Tooth Elixir, full of organic trace minerals, flower essences, and essential oils is formulated to rebuild minerals in the tooth enamel, increase circulation in the gums, and reduce bacteria

in the mouth. 2. A possible change in the appearance of your teeth. Here's what you can do to keep your smile sparkling now that you aren't damaging your gum tissue or root surfaces by using abrasive toothpaste: Brush longer! When you think your brushing is complete, check yourself by running your tongue along your teeth. They should feel smooth like glass. If you feel any fuzzy spots, get that toothbrush back out and go around again! For our friends who enjoy foods and beverages that contribute to more stubborn dental staining, fear not, we have support for you too! In addition to brushing longer, our Activated Charcoal Stain Removal Kit might be just what you need. Another trick is to dip a wet cotton swab into baking soda and polish your teeth with a bit of pressure, avoiding your gum line. 3. To be pleasantly surprised at your next dental cleaning! Time and time again we hear that, after making the switch to our One Drop Only, dentists are amazed at their patients' lack of plaque buildup and renewed gum health. This is how many dentists come to carry our products—they witness the healthy changes in their patients' mouths after they transition off traditional toothpastes. 4. Lastly, you can expect to gain more confidence, security, and empowerment as you take charge of your dental health. Now that you aren't smearing sticky vegetable glycerin over your teeth with every brushing, you are experiencing, perhaps for the first time, what it feels and looks like to clean your teeth safely with all natural yet powerful ingredients.

Love and blessings from the team at Rupam's Herbals!


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