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One Drop Only Dental Soap & Tooth Elixir (Toothpaste Alternative)

One Drop Only Dental Soap & Tooth Elixir (Toothpaste Alternative)


One Drop Only Dental Soap & Tooth Elixir, full of organic trace minerals, flower essences and essential oils is formulated to rebuild minerals in the tooth enamel, increase circulation in the gums and reduce bacteria in the mouth.

One Drop Only is free of fluoride, sodium laurel sulfate, artificial sweeteners, abrasive agents and vegetable glycerin. Glycerin, a main ingredient in most toothpastes, is a sticky substance that coats the teeth while brushing.

“One-Drop-Only” is based on a mineral-rich soap without a foaming agent (magnesium, potassium and calcium) and with added essential oil of myrrh to bring circulation to the gum tissue, reducing pockets and inflammation.

Next I added Himalayan crystal salt dissolved in water to bring 84 trace minerals to dentin and enamel. Flower essences, like almond, snapdragon and self-heal etc. to strengthen enamel, dentin, bone and gum-tissue.

Flower essence of Jasmine to assist self-expression and issues related to imbalances of the throat and mouth. Over the years I have received feed-back from both my clients and customers as well as from the holistic dentists I have worked with: Less sensitivity, cleaner teeth, reduced pocket depth, re-mineralization of dentin and healthier looking gum tissue in general. Canker sores are disappearing.

Yes, it is a change from our habit of toothpaste and its taste: The base is a soap, its true! But worth the a healthier mouth. Please shake well; there are no synthetic stabilizers in this product and it tends to separate from the essential oils.

1-2 drops on a wet toothbrush will create a nice foam and is all that is needed. A one ounce bottle will last 2- 3 month or more. One Drop Only comes in 6 refreshing flavors: Spearmint, Peppermint, Wintergreen, Sweet Anise/Clove, Cinnamon/Clove and Sweet Orange for kids up to 6 years.

Many Blessings, Well-being and Health to everyone. Rupam

  • Details

    The 2 ox. and 4 oz. come in Violet Miron Glass which distinguishes itself by its high quality and offers our products optimal protection against the harmful effects of light. Increases the shelf life of products and prolongs their potency.


    All organic ingredients:

    Himalayan salt solution, essential oils of myrrh and frankincense, gem elixirs, flower and planetary essences in a soap base of magnesium, potassium and calcium, oxygenated and ionized water, coconut based emulsifier (ash of dedecyl)

    For Spearmint:  essential oil of spearmint.

    For Peppermint:  essential oil of peppermint

    For Cinnamon/Clove: essential oil of cinnamon and clove

    For Anise/Clove:  essential oil of anise and clove

    For Wintergreen:  essential oil of wintergreen

    Please shake well.


    In the 20 years that I worked in dentistry as an RDA (general and pediatric dentistry), I have researched and experimented with different cleansing products and materials to brush my teeth with. There were new toothpastes and powders on the market that started to have the right ideas, (no fluoride, sodium laurel sulfate, etc.) but still had ingredients that I did not want in mine or my clients mouths for different reasons: Either too harsh and abrasive to the gum tissue (baking soda, hydrated silica, salt, chalk, etc.) or sticky ingredients like vegetable glycerin which is in literally every toothpaste on the market.

    The problem with vegetable glycerin, is not that it is toxic to swallow, but that it leaves a sticky layer behind which attracts more plaque (it is actually similar in consistency to plaque) and does not allow minerals from the saliva to penetrate back into the enamel. Every time we eat, the salivas pH turns acidic to assist the first step of the digestive process as we chew. After 30-40 minutes, the pH of our saliva goes back to its more alkaline pH and the minerals that were drawn out of our teeth while eating, will go back into the tooth structure unless a smear layer of vegetable glycerin, like in toothpaste, prevents that process.

    Harsh ingredients like baking soda and salt, in its crystalline form, are too abrasive to the gun tissue and have created much recession and actual structural damage to the root surface and dentin in so many of us. Add vigorous over brushing, especially right after a meal, and the situation gets worse, all with the best intentions and following what we have been taught.

  • Video Info

    Rupam discussing One Drop Only - Part 1


    Rupam discussing One Drop Only - Part 2


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