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Activated Charcoal Stain Removal Kit

Activated Charcoal Stain Removal Kit


Activated charcoal is an amazing brightening agent, gently lifting stain off your teeth without being abrasive to gum tissue or enamel and dentin.

No need to panic! Yes, it is black...but it will not stain your teeth! I clean the sink and toothbrush and wipe my lips while I wait for the time to pass. You need to be close to a sink- it can be messy!

Apply daily if you have tenacious stain until gone; once a week to keep teeth sparkling...


Enjoy your dazzling smile!

*Please be aware that activated charcoal does not change the internal color of teeth. It removes stain only.

  • Directions

    Instructions are simple: Use a capsules worth of activated charcoal, pour on your wet toothbrush and gently apply to your clean teeth. DO NOT BRUSH. Keep the charcoal in your mouth for 3-5 min and rinse off. Rinse your toothbrush and brush your teeth just with water to remove charcoal completely.

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