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Take Care, Mom!

Self-Care Organic Herbal Kit

As Mother Nature enters her bloom time, we turn our gaze towards those who have brought us forth. May extends us the opportunity to honor the strength and beauty encompassed within the Divine Feminine. It is with profound joy that we offer our Take Care Kit, whether to tend to your own graceful glow or to help you support it in another. Here is what's included: Our luxurious Lady Nada Breast Oil is infused with herbs and essences traditionally known to tone and protect breast tissue. Some love and use this for its mystical scent alone! Ambrosia for Her is an organic tincture we created to replenish a stressed, frayed nervous system. Wild Oats coat and restore frazzled nerve endings, while Damiana and other natural essences nurture creative and sensuous energies. Calendula has been prized since ancient times for its soothing, healing, and beautifying qualities. Our Calendula Plus Salve combines this powerful flower's properties with the organic essential oils Rose, Helichrysum, Chamomile, Jasmine, and more for calming, mood enhancing skin care that heals, protects and moisturizes. Nourish and alkalize the whole body with our Traditionally Yours Tea. Our recipe is paced with nutritive support to feed your skin, bones, and spirit.

Rupam with her Mom, Keala


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