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Post Holiday Reset

If you're anything like us, you are probably transitioning back into healthier habits after the holiday season. The beginning of each year is the perfect time for a reset. Follow these quick tips below for winter wellness support.


Digestive Balance and Liver Support Let's face it, our livers and digestive system may need a little TLC after all of those holiday get-togethers. Swedish Bitters, Ginger and Turmeric offer the perfect support for healthy digestion and detox, including helping to curb sugar and alcohol cravings.


Joint Support

It is possible that our joints can be achier than normal during the winter. Turmeric Tincture and certain Herbal Teas will help to alkalize and mineralize the body, thus helping to relieve joint pain.


Emotional Support Winter blues got you down? St. John's Wort Tincture is known as sunshine in a bottle and offers enough light to help guide you back to your own.


If you are looking for more in depth nervous system support, book a Consultation with Rupam for a personalized herbal tincture customized for your needs only.


Please be gentle with yourself during this time of transition. Much love from the team at Rupam's Herbals


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