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Dental Care and Anti-Staining Tips

Warmest of greetings, beloved friends!

Welcome to our monthly newsletter in which we share educational information and videos highlighting different herbs, products, health concerns, and more all from our perspective as trained Western Herbalism practitioners. For this episode, we focus on our dental line.

Holistic Dental Cleaning Products; Dental Soap

After 20 years of working as a professional in general and pediatric dentistry, Rupam formulated our One Drop Only Dental Soap as her answer to what was missing from the dental aisle shelves. While the benefits of our dental soap are vast—non-abrasive cleaning that strengthens teeth, reduces sensitivity and improves gum health—for some there is an unexpected result that comes from switching off of traditional abrasive toothpastes and toothpowders: staining. Ugh, we hear you!! As fellow admirers of turmeric, teas, blueberries and other staining culprits, we've found a few tricks to keep up our sleeves. Watch the video below to see Rupam discuss different tactics to combat tooth staining!

This Month's Most Asked Questions:

Do you have any products specifically for dental stain removal? Yes indeed we do! Check out our Activated Charcoal Stain Removal Kit. Activated charcoal is an amazing brightening agent, gently lifting stain off your teeth without being abrasive to gum tissue or enamel and dentin.

How long do your various dental soap sizes last? For one person using one drop of the dental soap twice per day, our 1 oz. bottle will last approximately 3 months, the 2 oz. size approximately 6 months, and the 4 oz. size approximately one year. Why does the dental soap sometimes taste soapier? We do not use any chemical flavors or emulsifiers to distribute the taste throughout the product. Therefore, it is very important that you shake your bottle well before each and every use in or to mix the ingredients inside. Why do your larger sizes of the dental soap come in different bottles from your smallest size? Because our larger sizes are meant to last longer on your bathroom shelves, we use Miron Violetglass biophotonic glass bottles to filter out damaging UV light rays while allowing in UVA and violet light rays to keep the dental soap fresh for years to come! For the 1 oz. size which is only designed to last for 3 months, regular blue glass bottles provide enough UV protection to keep that amount of our formula shelf stable. How long does your dental soap stay good for? That one is simple—thanks to the bottles we use, they will last indefinitely! If you have our dental soap in the 1oz size, keep your bottle in a cool, dark cabinet. If you have our dental soap in the 2 oz. or 4 oz. Miron glass bottle, it's actually fine to keep your bottle out on the counter in indirect sunlight.

What product questions or health and herbal topics are on your mind? We would love to hear what interests you and receive any feedback on videos that you would find helpful.

As always, stay joyful, be well, and many blessings, The Rupam's Herbals Team


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