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Lada Nada Breast Oil - Rupam's Take

Hello Everyone! Rupam here :)

Breast oil herbal extract for healthy breast tissue

Today I am highlighting one of my favorite products, which is also an original member of the five initial products I formulated over 20 years ago when I started Rupam's Apothecary. Lady Nada Breast Oil was originally made for my mother; she was recovering from a serious car accident which had injured her left breast, leaving it black and blue from the safety belt. We were concerned about the stagnation of blood and lymphatic fluids, which increases the risk for breast cancer. I began to research anything I could find out about herbs that move the lymphatic system, break down stagnation, and bring back elasticity and fullness to the breast tissue.

Several plants shine in regard to aiding fluid movement and breast tissue health. In Europe, for instance, women through the ages have used Lady's Mantle after breast feeding and also during pregnancy to keep breast tissue firm and supple. Bladderwrack and fenugreek both break down stagnation, especially after injuries with prolonged bruising. And I learned that apricot oil has a direct healing signature link to breasts and is a wonderful carrier oil for breast health.

Just as importantly, I also wanted to help my mother heal some of the emotional trauma the car accident had brought up: feelings of having done something wrong, being hard and critical with herself, and feeling very vulnerable in general. And so, different essences also became an integral part of this formula. Flower essences, gem elixirs, and planetary essences to provide emotional and spiritual support were added to pretty much every product that was born during that time of attempting to ease her healing journey. Thinking back, I wish I had taken "before and after" pictures, though I'm pretty sure she's glad that I didn't and so can't share them here! LOL :) The healing was amazing! The bruising started to fade rapidly and her breast tissue became tight and full after using it daily right after her shower. (Skin needs to be moist for the oil to penetrate, otherwise it just remains on top of your skin, which also will ruin your underwear, bra etc.) Not much has changed in our formula since then, and it has shown to be beautifully supportive to so many women over the years. Some time ago I even had a doctor call and share with me that he had a group of women who all showed very little "heat spots" in their thermography pictures. After a bit of detective work, he had found out that they shared one thing: the use of Lady Nada's Breast Oil! Yay! :)

I truly think that the use of this oil would be beneficial for every woman. I hope you will incorporate and enjoy this beautiful and delightful addition to your routine of self-care.

We will be raffling off a bottle of Lady Nada during the month of August. To enter, please write Lady Nada Raffle in the Add a Note section of your shopping cart of any order you place during the month.

Many blessings to you all, Rupam


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