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Daily Dental Rinse - Blake's Take

Hello everyone!

I'm here following up on Rupam's email from last week discussing the benefits of our Daily Dental Rinse. This formula is our herbalists' take on an alternative to traditional mouthwashes. The foundation of this rinse is a five-herb tincture that we blend with essential oils and flower/gem essences for tooth and dental tissue health.

Daily Dental Rinse - Organic Herbal Mouthwash

Each herb in this rinse was specifically chosen for the benefits that it offers in supporting the health of our mouths. Myrrh resin (not the essential oil here) is antibacterial and increases circulation to gum tissues, which is necessary for immune health since the various white blood cells in our bloodstream are responsible for disarming any pathogens that try to enter our bodies at the oral level. Neem helps to prevent cavities and gum disease. White Oak Bark is highly astringent, so it tones and tightens our gum tissues and helps to harden tooth enamel and dentin. Chamomile and Sage are both antimicrobial and calm any tissue inflammation that they come into contact with. We combine those plants with the essential oils of Cinnamon, Tea Tree, Clove, Fennel and Thyme which work synergistically with the above herbs to prevent plaque buildup, further calm and prevent inflammation, increase salivation to moisturize dental tissues, and provide extra antimicrobial support. While a few drops of our Dental Rinse at any time of day will freshen your mouth and increase salivation, the full benefits of this formula are reached with nighttime use. For the greatest effect, use this Dental Rinse the last thing before bed, without rinsing out after use, so it can then have the chance to penetrate for many hours overnight.

If you haven't yet watched Rupam's video where she discusses this formula and its uses, be sure to do so and get her take on why our Daily Dental Rinse is the perfect next step after brushing with our One Drop Only Dental Soap & Tooth Elixir!

And you can also watch my video about the Daily Dental Rinse right here!




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