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Holistic Dental and Health Consulting

Holistic Dental and Health Consulting


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Are you struggling with gum disease, cavities, bone loss, or other health challenges? Are you terrified of going to your dentist or doctor because you don’t know if you can trust them or not, or you have had bad experiences? Are you seeking a holistic dental and health advisor you can trust?


I am a holistic health and dental consultant and educator on a mission to support people on their journey back to balance and health. I have a unique viewpoint due to my many years as a clinical herbalist, and my 20 years of experience as a Registered Dental Assistant. 


My special interest is the connection between teeth, overall health, and the influence of dental materials, procedures, and homecare on my client's well being. My focus is on prevention and being in balance; physically, mentally, and spiritually.


In my years of study, I have discovered that the mouth is a gateway to overall health. Over the last 25 years I have seen that dental problems usually have their root cause in health imbalances.  Often there is a digestive disorder, and even emotional or mental factors can play a role. 


Are you wondering, “What is the cause of my health and dental problems?” When you hire me as your holistic dental and health advisor, I work together with you to find out the root cause of imbalances instead of working only with symptoms. I listen for any underlying disturbances, and support you to work effectively with your own health and wellbeing. My recommended tools include herbal remedies (which you can get on this website), plus diet, education and processes facilitating “inner work.”

Are you confused or overwhelmed by all the conflicting viewpoints on what is healthy and what is not? When you go online to do research, or when you listen to your friends or contacts on social media about what’s healthy or what’s not, it can get really confusing. This is because essentially everyone is unique, and various foods and supplements work differently for different people. That’s why you need someone who understands the conflicting viewpoints out there and can help you decide what’s best for you and your unique body. Ultimately I want to support you to learn what’s best for your body so you can become independent on your self-healing journey.


Through our work together I can support you to:

  • Heal gum disease from the inside out
  • Re-mineralize a cavity and stay cavity free
  • Take care of the dental work that you receive
  • Make decisions about your dental and overall health
  • Determine if your diet is working for you or against you
  • Find the appropriate practitioner/dentist/support team
  • Develop effective home care techniques
  • Feel more comfortable in the “dental chair” 


I would love to be your guide on the road to self healing, starting with your mouth!


Individual Holistic Dental and Health Sessions can be in person, or via phone or zoom, and are tailored to meet your specific needs, whether for holistic dental care, nervous system support, digestive health, auto-immune issues, etc.


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    Please view Rupam’s Personal Consultation Intake Information