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We Have Elderberry!

Elderberry has been used for thousands of years to help support the immune system and to prevent illness. Dr. Catie Morse, formulator and founder of Dr. Appleseed’s Elderberry Extract, hand harvests, with a group of close friends, berries from pristine wild locations in the Cascade Mountains of Washington. She takes the best of the old ways and overlays techniques and tools from modern food chemistry to ensure reproducibility and quality assurance in every batch. Dr. Catie and her team, work in an organic, low chemical kitchen to produce and fill each jar by hand. Her process delivers the highest quality possible of a special type of antioxidant that helps ward off viruses and relieve symptoms of the common cold.

The reason she can assure her product is the highest quality and most potent elderberry extract available is because she is present at every step of the process.

To ensure sustainability and give back to the land, Catie and her team make sure to leave plenty of berries behind for the birds and the bears. In addition, they return to their harvest location and plant more elderberry bushes. You can see this process highlighted below.

We hope that you will enjoy Dr. Appleseed’s Elderberry Extract as much as all of us here at Rupam's Herbals.


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