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Sparkle Your Kid - New Glycerite Formula

Hello all you lovelies out there :)))

Sparkle Your Kid glycerite tincuture: Wild Oat, Chamomile, Lemon Balm - calming tincture for children

We have a new formula to share with you and we believe it's a beauty!! For a long time now, based on requests from so many of you, Blake and I have wanted to create something to help relieve stress and anxiety for children. We knew it had to taste good and be gentle enough for use with younger ones, elders, and the child within all of us. The right herbal combination needed to be safe for long-time use and offer deep nourishment in a soothing yet powerful way.


The herbs we landed on and truly love for the above reasons are: Fresh Wild Oat, Lemon Balm, and Chamomile. All three are so often overlooked and under-valued!! They are gentle giants in their own right, but working synergistically together? Truly amazing!!!


Wild Oat tops are also often referred to as Milky Oats because the marker that the plant tops are ready for harvest as medicine is when they are still green and leak a white, milky substance when squeezed. That liquid is the medicine--if the tops stay on the oat plant for longer, they turn brown and that is when they can be harvested for grain. Because the oat tops are harvested for medicine while still young and green, the gluten protein has not yet developed and so oat tops as an herbal support are safe for those with gluten sensitivities. 


Wild Oats are the foundational backbone of our new formula. They work on the nervous system at the structural level. While many plants (such as Chamomile and Lemon Balm) soothe our nerves on upper levels, Wild Oats actually go in and physically repair nerve damage, soothing and recoating our nerve shafts so that our systems can better combat against stress and anxiety. Working on such a fundamental level, the effects of milky oats can take a bit longer to feel and use must be consistent for results, thus the above mention that this is a formula for longer term use. It can often take a month to feel them working their herbal magic.


So while the Wild Oats are slowly doing their thing and repairing our nerves, we wanted other, faster-working herbs in combination with the Oat Tops so that the user would feel some stress relief sooner. That is how we landed on Chamomile and Lemon Balm, two work horses of the herbal world. Their names may be common to you, but we are not talking here about a little tea-bag's worth of Chamomile that steeps for 5 minutes and then is a calming tea before bed. Chamomile is an extremely powerful tonic herb. When prepared as herbal medicine as done here, it is strong enough to combat panic attacks. Chamomile calms anxiety, aids in digestion, is anti-inflammatory, and helps with sleep and calming nightmares.


Lemon Balm is a mint-family plant that is antiviral and incredibly relaxing, but not in a sedating way. This is a go-to herb for children (or anyone!) when anxiety and stress lead to digestive issues. It calms the stomach, soothes the mind of racing thoughts, and allows one to take a deep breath and release stress and tension. 


We prepared all three of these herbs in organic glycerine so that we could offer up this combo as tasty, safe herbal medicine to aid against stress and anxiety. Sparkle Your Kid provides both younger ones and older ones with gentle, yet powerful, relaxation support. 


Both Rupam and Blake (and her 9 year-old daughter) have taken the formula daily for 2 months and all of us are in love :))))



I have been dealing with a lot in the last 2 years. Pretty much across all areas in my life, I noticed myself being more reactive versus responding to challenges as they appeared. My sleep wasn't my normal great 8 hours...I felt myself getting anxious more often and actually saw myself jump internally at loud noises. I knew I really wanted to give this formula a try and I absolutely LOVE IT! No kidding!! 

I am back to sleeping through the night, have more of a "robust" nervous system, I haven't really felt anxious lately and I am definitely not jumping at loud noises. I am feeling optimistic in myself even when I observe the huge amounts of crazy out there...more curious than anxious: What can I do and what needs to be surrendered? 

One might ask: This formula does all that??? Very good question :)) It is not a magic wand... agreed! But! For me, it made the difference between just sitting on the "awareness fence" of not being in my sweet spot, and into guiding me over the proverbial fence into well being. Without a doubt, it made a big difference.

Watch Rupam talk about Sparkle Your Kid:


As a mama-of-three, there have been countless times over the years that I am beyond grateful for the herbal knowledge I've acquired. The ability to offer my children herbal support that I've made with my own hands and know to be safe and gentle, yet effective, is an act of love that I am eternally thankful that I can offer.

When the initial bottles of Sparkle Your Kid were first ready, I offered one to my daughter to try one night when it was her bedtime on a school night but she was still feeling wired from the day and couldn't sleep. That night she had been struggling with some difficult math homework, and although we had navigated it together and she had eventually mastered the ideas on the worksheet, at bedtime her brain was still buzzing with residual frustration. 


I handed her the bottle, gave her three squeezes of the dropper, and was astounded at the almost immediate effect. Her face relaxed and she smiled and said she was ready to get into bed with a book for some quiet reading time. Within five minutes of reading, her eyes were drooping and she was off to sleep. Her brain was exhausted from working so hard on that evening's homework, and the herbal medicine allowed the stress to melt away so that her body could rest. 


The next night at bedtime, she asked for it again because it helped so much with the transition for her from daytime work and play to nighttime rest and sleep. She has often taken it at night (or daytime) for the past many weeks and even asked us to rename it! My young one says that when she takes a dose of this formula, it makes her feel happy but also relaxed, so she requested that we call it Calming Bubbles-- because, in her words, it makes her feel like little happy bubbles rise up inside of her but then they calmly float back down. We kept to Sparkle Your Kid because we felt it evoked the same overall feeling but, I must admit, I made up a label for her personal bottle that is called Calming Bubbles... one of the perks of an herbalist mama with a label maker!! :)


We are excited to get these bottles into your (and your younger-ones) hands! Enjoy the release and relief that this herbal combination offers, and may you all experience little bubbles of joy that rise up and then calmly float back down.

Listen to Blake talk about Sparkle Your Kid:

Blessings to you all!


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