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Homestead Herb Farm Updates - spring 2024

Organic, homegrown herbal tinctures for health and wellness

As we move more fully into spring, we are gaining momentum on the homestead herb farm: The greenhouse went under full repair after its tragic demise in the last huge storm, and it is now ready to be filled with good earth/compost. The surrounding growing beds are covered with mulch and many of them are already full of young transplants... with just as many still to go! 


The addition of a bathroom/tiny greenhouse attached to the garden shed is planned go into its building phase come the middle of May with the help of my brother Joern (flying in from Germany!) He will lend his mad carpenter skills to the process. Yay bro :))) It takes a village for sure!

Organic herbal tinctures from home grown plants

The new 3 compartment compost system just received its first little load of kitchen scraps... I love it!! We are finally actually composting and not just feeding our local deer family as they amble through :)


Meanwhile, the planting of lavender, mullein, sage, thyme, rosemary, yarrow, marjoram, mugwort, nettles, horsetail and lots of native plants continues all over the homestead: Deer don't fancy them, so we can go wild to our hearts content :) Oh what joy! 


 Organic herbal extracts of nettle, lavender, mullein, sage, thyme, rosemary, yarrow, marjoram, mugwort, horsetail

Last but not least: The irrigation systems are going in within the next couple of weeks. What a relief that will be from hand watering! Yikes! That will give us so much more time to lend our (hopefully) green thumbs elsewhere.


As always, we are sending much love, blessings and smiles your way and may your healing journey be gentle, full of humor and peace.

Big hugs from all of us here at the apothecary :)))


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