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Dental Self-Care During the Holidays

Dear Family of Empowered Self-Healers,


As promised, we created a series of little videos on dental home-care that we hope you will find supportive and helpful! Scroll all the way down this blog post, or check out our informational Videos page.


Please feel free to reach out to Rupam with questions and comments. We truly value your feedback and find that it often informs us of areas where more specificity would be helpful, if there is certain content you want us to dive deeper into, etc. :)

Holistic, natural dental care products for home use and self-care

Also, for this month of December 2023, we will raffle off a DENTAL KIT! Yes!! We are!! It's a $70 value. So make sure to write "Dental Kit" in the 'Leave a Note' section when you place any order this month and then your name will be entered to win! If you have placed your December order already, shoot us an email to to be added to the raffle.


May your holiday season be full of joy, quiet moments, and restful self-care as we approach Yule (the winter solstice) on December 21st. Supportive life energy is at its lowest at this time of year and we are meant to be more introspective, sleep and rest longer, and sink back into the depth of the dark regenerative womb, if you will...


We understand that around the holiday season many of us pull out all the stops with endless shopping, preparing of meals, making gifts, and so on. Maybe this could also be a good moment to come together with friends and family to consider calling in new rituals that are kinder on our spirits and bodies; if the traditions we created earlier no longer feel in our best interest or like a burden, then evolving into new patterns is okay!


This truly is the season for retrospection, gratitude for all the gifts we have received, and preparing internally for the new to come... maybe new ideas, refining things that no longer feel supportive, and releasing opinions, viewpoints, habits and emotions that are not serving us any longer...


Just my own inner rumblings on taking care of ourselves in this holiday season, dear family! As always, take what feels right to you and disregard the rest :))


May this season shine bright for you on your journey home.


With Love and Blessings,

The Whole Team at the Apothecary


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