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Dental, Tinctures, Salves, Teas

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Herbal Consultations with Rupam

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New Product Lines! - Spring 2023


Glycerites are great for kids or people that are alcohol averse. 


Our incenses are purely herbal, with no fillers or fragrances. They are hand-rolled by Buddhist nuns in Berkeley, CA. Each package contains 6 thick sticks. Often burning just a little bit is enough to scent the room beautifully.

Organic Alcohol-Free Herbal Tinctures - Glycerites
Handmade Herbal Incense Sticks
Effective herbal dental products

At Rupam’s Herbals we are all about hand-made traditional organic remedy making.

We use:

• Ancient protocols for creating healing oils, tonics, tinctures and salves, alkalizing teas, and organic dental hygiene products.


• Organic herbs, essential oils, flower essences, gem elixirs and planetary essences.

• Non-toxic, synthetic-free, vegan and biodynamic products.

• Medicine growers/farmers that we know personally.

• Glass, bamboo, wood and paper materials, as well as reused shipping materials and recyclable packaging.

Read more about our business, Rupam and Rupam's Heritage.

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Herbal Highway - April 2019 - Part I - KPFA
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Herbal Highway - April 2019 - Part II - KPFA
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