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Herbal Highway - April 2019 - Part I - KPFA
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Herbal Highway - April 2019 - Part II - KPFA
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At Rupam’s Herbals we are all about hand-made traditional organic remedy making.


We use ancient protocols for creating healing oils, tonics, tinctures and salves, alkalizing teas, and organic dental hygiene products. Our alchemical formulas include organic herbs, essential oils, flower essences, gem elixirs and planetary essences.


We make sure we create balanced and comprehensive remedies that support the body in it’s own self-healing endeavor rather than just suppressing symptoms.


We revel in creating non-toxic, synthetic-free, vegan and biodynamic products of the highest quality with the lowest possible footprint.


I hand-pick organic medicine growers and know the farmers who supply us. I know where and how our herbs are grown.

We are energetically aware: When we hand-make our remedies, we are cell phone-free and leave negative gossip and outside shoes at the door. Our office has intentional Feng Shui and we light candles in gratitude to our herbal allies and our ancestors before we start our day.


Rupam’s Herbals is also a green business. We re-use shipping materials and use only recyclable packaging. We use glass, bamboo, wood and paper materials.

For our repeat customers, we re-fill their bottles and containers at our Farmers Markets.


We are all about being of service to provide you with education, information and support on your own healing journey.

Listen to this recent interview with Rupam:
The Mouth: Gateway to Holistic Health
on The Herbal Highway, KPFA
April 11, 2019


Saturday 9-2: Grand Ave. in Oakland 
Sunday 8-1: Civic Center in San Rafael 


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