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Daily Dental Rinse - Rupam's Take

Dear beloved friends and customers,

We would now like to share with you our Daily Dental Rinse, an optional second step after brushing your teeth with our One Drop Only Dental Soap & Tooth Elixir.

Organic mouthwash

Now, not everyone will feel drawn to using a dental rinse, but if you like using mouthwash or you are dealing with dental issues like cavities, gum disease, or bone loss, it is a wise move to protect yourself, especially at night, from too much plaque build-up. Also, if you tend to suffer from a dry mouth or you sleep with an open mouth, this lovely formula is for you! We really wanted to offer a healthy alternative to the many toxic mouthwashes out there. We created an all organic formula made from 5 essential oils, 5 herbal tincture extracts, and lots of gem elixirs and flower essences. Once again we came to the process through the eyes of the holistic view point, incorporating the physical benefits with gentle remedies addressing energetic, emotional, and spiritual issues relating to this area (the mouth and throat) of the human body.

Here is a short video of me talking about our Daily Dental Rinse:

Please make sure to see what Blake has to say about this beautiful and effective product next week...

Many many blessings to you all... Rupam


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