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Mela 0.125 oz. (contains a synthetic ingredient/see Alert below)

Mela 0.125 oz. (contains a synthetic ingredient/see Alert below)

A highly sensual, erotic and feminine scent with a hint of the spiritual and mysterious.
Grounding, heart-opening and strengthening to our intuitive perception.
Some of the essential oils in this formula are said to help attract our soul mate and increase our awareness to our connection with the Higher Self and the Divine.
It supports a feeling of self-love and the understanding that all giving and receiving of love has to be experienced in the Self first before we are able to share it with the world. Enjoy this delicious scent and spread your fragrance to All.
  • Product Alert

    Unfortunately one of our core essential oil suppliers has changed their ingredients and has added an synthetic scent enhancer. It is minimal but our sensitive friends need to be aware of this change in the product.

    We are working hard to create another scent without any synthetic ingredients but it will not even come close to this particular perfume scent.

    We decided to leave this product available because so many of our customers still wanted us to make it for them..